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Payment Plan

"Health is that intangible something that people reluctantly spend little to retain, but will spend their last dime to regain, once they have lost it." Dr. Fox believes in being compensated for his time, money and effort in becoming the best chiropractor. That being said, he also believes that the patient should receive a fair price for their chiropractic care.

The reason for not discussing payments over the internet or on the phone is Dr. Fox doesn't have a set time period or payment for every patient's condition. Dr. Fox is not willing to sacrifice his reputation or the patient's health by giving the patient information without sitting down to talk to and examine the patient.

Dr. Fox feels morally obligated to a working partnership where patients make their own decisions about health goals, without interference from any outside sources.  No decisions are made on your behalf based upon cost-cutting or someone else's authorization.

For cash paying patients, We offer several pre-payment plans where you may purchase multiple chiropractic adjustments, if needed, at a reduced cost.  We will never charge any patient without first telling him/her about the cost of service.

Currently, at Fox Chiropractic, serving Cameron Park, we are offering new patients a special discounted price on Initial Exam & X-rays, call 530-350-7314 for more details.

The reasons for payment plans are most individuals understand that their current health conditions whether symptomatic/asymptomatic require time to heal. Whether going to a physical therapist, dietician, or using a personal trainer our body takes time to heal, lose weight, or build muscle.













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