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There are over 104 various so-called chiropractic techniques practiced in the United States. I have found that most can help people. I have studied in-depth two techniques that are the most widely researched techniques in our profession. Both techniques are extremely specific and are used daily in our cameron park chiropractic office.

Gonstead Technique
This Technique is named after its founder Clarence S. Gonstead. It entails a detailed exam, x-ray analysis and a hands on exam that helps understand biomechanical issues.

A Thorough Evaluation
In addition to spine x-rays and precise analysis of the results, We use our hands to examine the bones and show how they deviate from their natural position.

Full Spine Correction
Now that we have an accurate understanding of your spine and bone structure we have the means to make the necessary corrections. To adjust different parts of the body, different techniques are used. Sometimes, when being adjusted, you will hear a small popping noise.









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